Whiskey Creek Civic Association

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If you have any questions, our volunteer committee can handle your requests.

Inquiries of deed restrictions, violations and request of copies of deed restriction for your unit will be handled by mail only to:

Deed Restrictions Committee, Whiskey Creek Country Club, 1449 Whiskey Creek Drive, Fort Myers, Florida 33919.

Thank you!

2017 Board of Directors

President Kate Gooderham 489-2616
Vice President Dennis Rogers
Treasurer Karen Tice 936-1475
Secretary Jeanne McCafferty 481-8460
  Lee Chasse 603-973-2556
  Ron Frazer 939-1507
  Bernie Lamach 590-0395
  Paul Matter 412-292-2397
  Jim McCabe 313-1056
Deed Restrictions: Chair Dennis Rodgers
Membership: Gordon Lytle 936-1475

Newsletter Distribution: Chair

Abby Myer


Yard Beautification: Chair Eric Eason
Whiskey Creek News    
Editor Jan Kotcamp 482-7679
Co-Editor Debbie Lamach 590-0395

MSTBU Advisory Board
Chairman Bernie Lamach 590-0395
Security Carl Schnurbusch 481-6584
Lighting Roland Kotcamp 482-7679
Irrigation Steve Shoen 732-570-3321
Landscaping Pam Geiger 313-5065
Liaisons Lori Borman, MSTBU Coordinator 533-2308
Project Manager Randall Harris 707-2481